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This Poem Is A Tribute To Muzahidul Reza(Acrostic) For His Contribution To Literature

M-edium in temperature and emotion
U-niforms he wears are of gentle
Z-ealous for doing the positive activities
A-lways active in composing well literature
H-ighness is as that of a monarch
I-deal in dealing and all doings
D-utiful is his inborn colors and qualities
U-nity he always demand worldwide for all
L-ikes all that are ever good for all;

R-eally ideal, gentle, perfect and good
E-spetially in the humanitarian, positive works
Z-ealously he does all that are well for all
A-ctively always seen in all legal activities.

by Sem Ralfh

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Comments (7)

The poet has written a great tribut to a great poet, I thank the both poets
Great tribute to a great poet, thanks
On my favorite poet Muzahidul Reza, dear poet you have written truly, He is actually a great poet, Your tribute is properly penned, thank you for sharing
This is proper tribute to the proper person and personality, your writings have pictured him just what he is, I thinks You have tried your best. Muzahidul Reza is a poet of time. He always goes through true way to treat the matters, .... thanks for sharing the poem with us
Dear poet Sem Ralfh, thanks for this honor and respects to me, you are a good poet, I wish you to be a great poet
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