This Poem Is About Agitation

What is this poem about?
What are the poetic devices used?

I remember a timepeople used their minds,
With a thinking process curious enough to research...
For an understanding.

We live in those times when dictionaries are no longer used.
And there are those receiving diplomas and degrees,
From reputable schools...
Who neither can read or write.
But brag about pledging to sororities and fraternities,
And partying day end and all through the night.

What is this poem about?
And the poetic devices used?

This poem is about agitation and another's applied laziness.
It is about those offended when confronted by the truth.
And those who can not prove they have an ounce of intelligence...
Attempting to influence those who do.
Find they can compete in areas with limited interest,
But discover they can rise to heights...
Based upon the quality of their theft! '

Thank you.
I think I'll just continue using what you have written,
As a basis for my own creations.

'You're kidding?
Really? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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