This Poem Is My Worse Effort

This poem is my worse effort.
I decided to write a 'bad' poem.
Something self contained.
Something from my point of view...
Would be absent of compassion.
Clearly focused on nothing.
A complete lack of acknowledgement.
Line after line...
With or without rhyme,
Would display a total self involvement.
An intention meant to leave one realizing...
This poem is my worse effort.
I want it to be just that!
No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

While we are on the topic of butts!
WHY are the guys showing their asses,
More than women these days?
What's that about?
I saw this dude with his pants belted at his thighs...
And I was on a bus sitting with a woman,
Looking at me as if I had something to do with that!
So I asked if she found him appealing?
She said, 'NO! He's got no ass to be admired! '
She said that.
As if I should show my ass for a comparison competition!
WHAT on EARTH is happening?
I will 'not' publicly prove that my ass is my best asset.
WHAT is going on in these times today?

This poem is my worse effort.
And 'if' you think it's not...
Do not feel I did not have good intentions,
To deliver something to you guaranteed to smell...
If up close and personal.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (4)

Is it better, I wonder, to succeed at trying to be bad than to fail at trying to be good? *laughs* Something to ponder, I suppose. I feel kind of crummy saying I didn't like this - even if I wasn't supposed to. I was raised in one of those 'if you can't find something nice to say houses' and... welp... I have nothing to say. : P With a grin, Christine
Hey it might be your worst effort but its better than anything ive ever come up with! so funny.. really enjoyed reading it
haha this poem might be your worse but it's funny it's true guys shows more butt than any other era but it's disgustingly funny i actually like this poem it's shows a little peice of your pesonality
Thank you, William. I wanted this one to reek! Smell. With an intention meant for it to stink like none other!