This Present Darkness

I'll get through the present darkness; yes through it with The Lord,
For He's an unchanging Light in darkness, and a solid Rock for sure.

Trials will come in this world; He told us we will have tribulation,
But we look for a world far better through His promise of salvation.

For when life get truly hard to accept and my only question is why,
I think of Paul's revelation, when after the trumpet we hit the sky.

A glorious day is coming friend, to leave the world behind for sure,
The day we see those who went before us and together meet The Lord.

When my life seems filled with pain and I begin to wallow in sorrow,
The Sprit reminds me my home is above and I look towards tomorrow.

As a Christian I'm not promised an easy life filled with prosperity,
Instead blessings come my way, when I Glorify God in my adversity.

Trials are so tiny compared to the blessings The Lord sends my way,
And even when my heart gets heavy, I know He's coming again one day.

Knowing that He's coming again very soon, helps me I'm very sure,
To take full advantage of each day and witness at every opened door.

Jesus told us we are to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove,
But we need to be serious about Eternity and win the lost with love.

My friend, all comfort and earthly gain is only temporal prosperity,
But trials for the Christian are a wealth of gain for all Eternity.

(Copyright © 10/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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