This Process Can Not Be Hidden

Too many fools have allowed,
Ignorance to tolerate and make appearances.
To then welcome the entrance of it,
Inside their homes with a freedom to roam.
Isn't the 'home' where people go,
To show respect and have this known?

Anyone coming to one's home,
With a disrespecting attitude...
Should be given an exit and this done quick.
No one should accept this,
As a behavior to condone.
And with a comfort to make it shown.

Assist in its promotion,
As if a devotion to it benefits the nonsense.
I think not.
Who forgets to be forgotten,
Where they are to drop nonstop thoughtlessness?

Granted I have grown older to experience a limited patience.
But I don't carry a chip on my shoulder.
To expose my hold onto an age old bitterness.
I've learned to move on from that childish mindset.
Immaturity has a way of delaying comprehension.
And although that may be a fact,
No one crosses my threshold with stupidity like that.

Too many fools have proven themselves to be unwise.
Believing they can hide to disguise the child inside.
To them claim amongst themselves to be men and women.
But dressing to deceive appearances to impress,
Will never address their childishness.
And I wont be the one in my home to explain.

'Get out.'

~Why are you so direct and abruptly rude? ~

'I have a headache and it came from you.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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