This Process Started

Traumatic it is,
When recognized tantrums stop.
And heads hitting brick walls,
Discover a numbness...
To make those heads quietly drop.

There is always that first time,
When words dismissed come to be heard.
And with closed mouths to rest those lips.
Putting them tightly together,
To do done and quick.

There is always that first time,
When someone begins to listen and hear...
Their own accusations made to blame others,
Have been troubles they have started.
And clear this appears to hear with their ears.

'How do I get out of this mess,
I now realize I have created for myself? '

~Admitting it is the beginning.
And hopefully this process started...
You will see as a benefit to be used again.
To prevent the pain of remaining unconscious.
Since ignorance self inflicted kept to sustain,
Has its consequences to pay.
With only evil left to collect as dividends.
To want no more of it to face 'everyday'.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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