Spring, 1916

Slow, rigid, is this masquerade
That passes as through a difficult air :
Heavily-heavily passes.
What has she fed on ? Who her table laid
Through the three seasons ? What forbidden fare
Ruined her as a mortal lass is ?

I played with her two years ago,
Who might be now her own sister in stone;
So altered from her May mien,
When round the pink a necklace of warm snow
Laughed to her throat where my mouth's touch had gone.
How is this, ruined Queen?

Who lured her vivid beauty so
'l'o be that strained chill thing that moves
So ghastly midst her young brood
Of pregnant shoots that she for men did grow ?
Where are the strong men who made these their loves ?
Spring ! God pity your mood !

by Isaac Rosenberg

Comments (4)

Fantastic descriptive concept of how we are all ultimately from and to the same source
..............possibly this passive place is a cemetery...and the dust is the gentlemen and ladies since they say, dust to dust and ashes to ashes ★ extraordinary poem
I think of this poem as a stroll through a cemetery, looking at the gravestones and recognizing that each of them represents a unique individual.
The dust was the gentlemen and ladies, does this mean that the gentlemen and ladies were dead? I think so.