Why write small verses
when the world is so vast
and the uproar of cities drowns out the music?
In this battle of giants
one needs long-range arms.
In this duel to the death
songs enrapture or lull to sleep.

The blood of generations, of peoples
is at stake
and a world into which infinite mankind
can be born.
Too much is at stake
to risk it all for the chance of words.

It is time to glorify other men and other deeds
It is time to look for situations
where words are necessary
and to cohabit with those
for whom the word is liberation.
Only words that endanger
the power of tyrants and the gods
are worthy of being pronounced or written.

by Eduardo Gómez

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Comments (4)

Fantastic descriptive concept of how we are all ultimately from and to the same source
..............possibly this passive place is a cemetery...and the dust is the gentlemen and ladies since they say, dust to dust and ashes to ashes ★ extraordinary poem
I think of this poem as a stroll through a cemetery, looking at the gravestones and recognizing that each of them represents a unique individual.
The dust was the gentlemen and ladies, does this mean that the gentlemen and ladies were dead? I think so.