This Realization I Accept

I am fortunate to have known substance.
And the hard work associated to its achievement.
Just to be in the presence,
Of others who respected the value of it...
Has for me,
Been an awarding experience to witness.

As I reflect upon the years that have passed,
So grateful am I to be able to distinguish the difference...
Between foolishness and nonsense,
Although similar in content.

And even though my tolerance for ignorance,
Is so low to be considered nonexistent...
I have come to comprehend with an understanding,
My point of view has been enforced...
From a much older generation my mind can not divorce.

Of course,
This realization I accept the older I get...
Since the reality I believe has been deflated,
By those who perceive it to be over-rated.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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