This Restless Heart

This restless heart,
That bounds and strains,
And aches and pains,
That burns with a love that will never die,
And yearns for that fire yonder which reddens the sky.

This restless heart,
That takes me to the ends of the Earth,
In search of the everlasting fountain of mirth,
I drank from the holy cup of life and became drunk,
I drank the rivers and the seas yet still I thirst,
My chest so swollen with passion it could burst,
I long to share it all with you my true love.

This wild heart will forever run free,
In search of those fabled shores of eternity,
With an all-consuming hunger,
A love fierce with fury and thunder,
The golden flames of youth to never be extinguished,
To stay young and be immortal in soul,
These bonds of love to never be relinquished,
This restless heart can have only one master.

by Alexander Thomas

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Alexander, this is exceptionally good! PLEASE keep writing! :)