This Reunion Shocks

I wish I could start from where we began,
To have you comprehend...
What makes me 'tick' within.
To have you instantly feel what is felt,
Without explanation of why a reaction is dealt!

I find myself caring less about intimacy!
Especially if it doesn't happen automatically!
If the chemistry is not there...
I'm not on a hunt to find it!
I am not good at interviews.
Or pretending something is fresh...
When immediately I can see it has been used!

I like meeting new people...
That I do!
But there is a maturity that comes with age,
And I can't pretend I am twenty-two!
OR fourty either...
So I am told!
Usually by someone much older...
Waiting for me to exchange the same with glee!

'More Vodka, Please! And on the rocks! '

There is a comfort in being 'who' one is!
But today so many want to be...
Thought of as much younger,
With a timelessness like eternity!

I have vitality and spontanety!
I just don't like talking about it...
Like those who are older,
With nothing else to share...
But their histories!

'Oldies but goodies? '

I can see the oldies!
But the 'goodies' they've got...
I'm not trying to re-live!

'More Vodka, Please! And on the rocks!
Leave the bottle here! Bring me two more!
This reunion shocks! And these old people bore!
I'm seeking someone to share these moments NOW!
Not sit and discuss what was done at age Twenty-four! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

I like this Lawrence. The narrative has a tenseness to it that is maintained throughout. The use of occasional rhyme works very well and aids, rather than hinders, the flow of this poem
Stoli~~~~~~~coming right up. It's in the freezer, orange flavored.....Stoli and club soda please. Great poem. Yeh, we're older but, if we feel young in our hearts, than young it is we shall always be. Age is just a number on your passport. ~~mm.xo~~