This Rose

It’s a platter of shower
And the work of a mower
That takes care of this rose
Yeah! This rose, Sharon chose

Though the night may come to roast
With all other lilies assume to frost
This rose shall bloom
It is never gonna gloom

Alas! You called for it
And they are searching for it
The shine refuses to seize
Even well after the dark of size

My palm beams with the light of the sun
Yet unable to dim the light of her sun
This rose, so everlasting
Its beauty, yet tantalizing

This platter of shower
Is the glory of the Lord!
This work of a mover
Is the blessing of the Lord!

A song of His glory to this rose
A prayer of His blessing to this rose
A life of His abundance
A life of His grace

(C) 2014

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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