This Sacred Vow

Today I walk with you down the aisle
On red carpet and bouquet of flowers
Fragrances of red and white roses prevail
A lifetime moment each one of us swears.

I hold your hand as we kneel before Him
In infirmity and in health we will stand still
And this sacred vow will be our love's hymn
As our days go by beyond eternity's ordeal.

Again today let me hold your hands firmer
For we will commence a life's unknown path
That you and I now are a complete stranger
We may be lost, just keep close and it's alright.

It's alright I may always have this utterance
As we will be facing all imperfections ahead
And our differences will implicate desistance
Yet by this sacred vow will this journey be led.

RMG 01/18/18 3: 08AM #onlifeandlovetolive

by Rommel Galicia

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