This Sensitivity Business

When I think of me and myself and I...
I am often quite surprised,
By the little attention I give...
To being that kind of guy.

I've been accused of being self centered,
Many times.
But nothing I have done can define me that way.
Although, I admit, I did one time 'try'.

I tried to feel that I am 'all' that.
I even got up one morning,
Promising myself no one else would matter.
Prepared with a list of accomplishments to announce.
With a printing of them on flyers so they would scatter.


Within twenty-four hours other folks were on my mind.
After I spent a day observing 'them'.
And losing myself within creative intentions to complete...
Some activity that would influence the undoing,
A lack of concern and the misery many find.

This sensitivity business,
Is not cool with me sometimes.
I often awaken thinking what it would be like,
To have only wining and dining on my mind all the time.
With a clock to beat...
Thinking of retirement as I laid on some beach.

And 'if' I didn't accept early in my life,
That it wasn't all about me...
I'd be contributing to complaints on a daily basis,
Doing that as my contribution to community outreach.

I'm blessed to hear from others...
I perceive much better off with time to do that.
Since I am blessed to be self centered free...
And not have limitation on my mind as a trap!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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