This Show Is Over

What are you doing over there?

'Breaking down the set!
Why? '

What on Earth are you talking about?
Breaking down what set?

'This one.
The one you're looking at!
You're one of the ones who fell into a deep sleep! ?
I attempted to awaken you myself.
And nothing I could do,
Would awaken you.'

Is this some kind of hoax?
You put that setting back.
And who is that...
Breaking up that white picket fence?

Why are those people looking evil?
And will you tell them to speak English...
Nothing they are saying is making sense.

And will you tell that guy,
To stop pointing that prop at me!
I am in no mood for jokes.
And who are these folks surrounding me?
Looking as if they are homeless.
And needing something to eat.
Who let them come into this neighborhood?

'We'll take you back to your room,
It will be okay.
Maybe it was wrong to bring you outside today!
You will soon be back inside.
Medicated with the others...
Who like you have denied...
Reality! '

What do you mean?
That was real enough for me!
I saw my quality of life reflected.
I felt comfortable with it.
And it was accepted!

I see.
Whatever you saw...
Doesn't relate to me.
This show is over!

Bring him back inside before he panics.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Sir Lawrence you are as good with the whit is ever I saw...Thank you..for the tear of laughter the tongue of my cat did so catch...