This Shower

Glory in the shower,
Hot, facing his lover
He was moved in earnest
By her effort, motion and reach
Slowly towards
Her deliberate desire,
Her his breasts shoulder blades
Waiting for acknowledgement.
Our gentleman,
Usually hirsute and hesitant,
Felt the vigour of her advances.
And he became sure,
He was sure of this;
Everything else,
The weather, the bills, the dried out orange peels,
Even 6 days ago,
He thought nothing of,
For now his mind was full; for she
From: consider this:
Love and admiration
Thought of her reflection
She stood, tippy-toed,
Stripped inviting
Under airy-wet heat,
Moving closer
Up because: taller-shorter
And our gentleman was,
And proud their bliss.
The innocent amour
Requested absolute touch
In form of serious kiss; the pass.
Just then he seen
Her natural intent,
And it shook his romantic stupor clean,
Her alluring posture was feigned.
Her reaching forth was no more.
Instead there rose the reasonable pose,
In the sexually certain contrast,
Of an innocent soaping her ass,
Lathering and Hurrying
Their salty crass syrup

by R.J. Bevans

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