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This Side Of Me

See through my disguise
See through my smiling eyes
My core's become numb, bring it to life
Awaken the 'me' I know's inside

Save me from myself
Don't let me be someone else
Save me from what I'm becoming
Because now I'm nothing

When you cried, I'd wipe your tears
When you scream, help you with your fears
When you needed I'd hug you tightly
I never showed you what I was needing

I never wanted to cry to you
I never wanted to NEED you, too
I never wanted you to have to be there and see
I never wanted you to see this side of me

by Gabriella Franco

Comments (2)

A surprisingly deep poem, I loved it
nice piece, gabriella... can relate to this one... guess, poets are like this.. they never wanted to reveal their true oneself.. no wonder i used pen name... scarlet red =)