This Soul Of Eternity's Burden Unleashed

Soon I am to walk within these bounds but know
No grounding as my own, still this shall be home,
If nothing more than a place where I shall never be alone.

If not at least a pillow upon which my heart doth rest
Whilst beating still within my chest.
If not at least a home where my heart could dwell
Whilst within my chest my heart doth swell.

Blood boils. Turmoil takes its toil upon this
Soul of eternity’s burden unleashed.
I’m Freedom bound yet Homeward torn,
Returning to the ether from which I was born.

by David Lacey

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freedom bound & homeward torn. what a contradiction. you illuminated this so well. it sure is hard to come back to a place where you don't feel welcome inside. elegantly written, David.