This Soul's Serenity

Riding, galloping into deserts and mountains, resting
in the saddle, feeling at ease in my particular element
of life.

Securing the contemplative serenity of this soul is all
that is ever needed or craved for.

Darkened nights, lightened moon, searching vast desert
plains looking for a self that's lost.

Never being found, continuing searching alone forever,
an emptiness always hiding within, keeping me company
over dark and dusty trails of a lifetime.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (2)

I really love this poem. I already tried to send a comment to you, but the system failed twice, Maybe this third attempt... You have a wonderful image in DARKENED SKY LIGHTENED MOON - they're in a creative oppositon, And then that vista across the vast space of the desert which may or may not conceal the lost self. But the last stanza is (wonderfully) ambiguous. You carry an empty place where the lost self should reside, but it's almost a positive emptiness. It's there apparently visible in a mysterious way when there is darkness, and it is a companion of sorts as you travel alone. Out of an absence you have created a mysterious presence. It may indeed over time be imaginatively transformed into the missing self!
Dark and dusty trails of lifetime well expressed with personal expression in this poem. This says many more things and serenity of soul is all shining. Excellent work.