This Summer(In Preparation For Your Leave)

I love the pressure of your body against mine
Out here, nothing could stop us from being together
Not even your prudish parents
And the presence of siblings
Because we are utterly lost and alone out here
Beneath the stars that smother us with guilt
Dont they appear overly critical tonight?
Wait, do you see that?
Hurry, get dressed theres a car coming out here
Didnt you say- oh hell lets run into the woods
Im so glad that we waked out here
Do you think your parents are still asleep?
What if that was them?
Ha! I doubt they know about this place.
The police would though, if they dared to call...
They wouldnt, would they?
Dont worry about that..
This tree is so perfect for climbing
Lets spend the night in its branches
And fall asleep with each other just as the
sun pulls its head over the horizon
I wish we could have a million summers just like this
With a new adventure every night
But summers are too short here
And in the fall you leave for college
You tell me it will be the same
Dont fool yourself, I, too, know it wont be
So lets make tonight last forever with each other
Lets stretch this summer with the weight
Of a million sweet memories
Lets make it last the rest of our lives
Lets make this summer BE forever..

by Newo Enec

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