BM (07-01-1992 / jamestown NY)

This Thing

She looks good in color.
She looks to break your will
She looks so pure in white
& she looks like she could kill

I know what's underneath her bed
I know that she's now blind
I know what this monster is
& I know it to be my kind

The shadows have shown her pictures
The shadows know I lied
The shadows watched me kill
& the shadows took my side

I watched her fall into the black
I watched as her body burned
I watched her scream in agony
& I watched her while I learned

This thing has started to take control
This thing I thought had died
This thing that brings back color
& this thing I've never tried

I want to hold it in my hand
I want it to never break
I want myself to like it
& I want it for my sake

Let her see that i can love
Let her be the one
Let her notice that I've changed
& let her realize I'm not numb

I'll hold you like I'm dying
I'll hold you like I'm free
I'll hold you like you're mine
& I'll hold you close to me

Always, I'm your wall
Always, your my girl
Always, you're in my heart
& always, you're my world

by Brittany Marsh

Comments (2)

Your poem provokes all kinds of emotions... it is a very good poem and very mature.
Very well written....good poem