This Thing We Call Us

i want this to work
and I mean that with my heart
i want you now more
then i ever wanted you from the start
i haven't felt more sure of anything in my life
thats why i fight for this
as if it WERE my own life
you give me hope
and are my reason to go on
and when i feel as if things get worse for me
YOU keep me strong
and when i feel out of place in the world
YOU make me feel like i belong
i never had to fight so hard to keep someone from reaching my heart
i never cared so much about someone being so far
i won't fight it anymore babe i know just what you're about
your hearts in the right place i know that now
no doubt
we may argue
and i may yell
but the phrase 'time will tell'
doesn't exsist
because i know for certain how bad i want this
and i wont allow time to make a difference
and i'ma make it my business
to make sure that this thing we call US
will NEVER be ended

by Shilesha Johnson

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