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This Time
JD ( / Utica)

This Time

Sitting in my room alone
Waiting for you to come through
Wishing what we had was back
What i need is you
How many times do i shake inside
My heart will burn through out the day
The girl i loved has gone away
This life instantly turned gray
So I'll lie here again
Nothing but the silence of this room
Ill search through pages and read your poems
Finding what i hate but is true
An indescribable feeling
A torture that i cant subdue
People talk but i never hear
Only one voice gets me through
Maybe its this place or the feeling that im gone
Wasting away living day to day just to know im wrong
Prove me wrong this time
Say I am the same
Im loving like i never have
Is she feeling the same?
The question repeats and im at it again
The stuggle between myself

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Comments (2)

This piece was fine till it got into the last few lines. Suddenly, it got confusing. It was as if certain parts were missing. Very strange. GW62
Wow! Its incredible, I felt like I could really understand how much this guy was missing this girl. I wish I could write like you!