This Time...

Slipping and sliding
It never ends
The words all broken
The thoughts leisurely
The weight heavy
The harmony cheap
And the pain it’s deep
The hate is weak
The heart it leaks
My turn
But, I don’t try
My turn
I won’t die
My life
I gave up when I realized nothing was free
To be free I had to pay with my life
To feel free I had to be high
Waste my time
Waste this light
Know what’s right?
Know how to fight?
All you need is a knife
Kick this
Lick this
Hit this
It’s like I don’t care if you care
It’s like I know you never tried
I’m so tired I can’t think
I’m so old
I’m so me…
My turn
And I tried
My turn
And this time…
Well, I died

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