This Time

This time I choose
Not to drown you
Into that layered and scabbed pool,
Then cover up with water lilies of
Smiles, lies, smiles.

And I do not return
The parcel that came with
You, things I’ve misunderstood,
Or chose to.

A conscious choice, you say
Life is. And not to think but
To be, to feel without logic
Let the heart take over.

I can see your name flicker
On my screen, and you number
Still stored within.
Not to drown you, this time

Like a sponge I soak up
Sorrow that now knows the exit.
Release, in liquid form,
You have broken down the wall.

And you watch. your watch,
The source of my shaken limbs
Numb and weary and
Do I detect pain? (for me?

Lost in the woods. Nearly
Took me in, that pond I dug for
You, him, them, and finally:
My soul’s grave)

And what would the
Tombstone have said?

by Fiona Su

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Fiona, betrayal and deception are difficult issues to deal with... very interesting write! ! Brian