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This Time / I Still Listen

your look is accusatory
I see it all the time
even in our favorite photos
and we have so many
its my fault
I was late
I had an excuse
but you were already gone
this time you couldn’t wait
this time, time wouldn’t wait
and you were paid a visit
by the man in black robes
I explained all I could
I cried and I begged
to any and all who would listen
but the doctors said 'sorry'
it was too late
this time
you just couldn’t wait

you stare at me
peering from the picture frames
why wasn’t I there
couldn’t I spend two minutes
in your last hour
to hold your hand
gently kissing your face
as you slipped away
now throughout the house
I see your ghostly shadows
haunting my empty life
reminding me of the reality
that I was married to the office
that love is like a delicate flower
needing care and a nurturing soul
or it withers away
now my love waters a garden of stone
no one answers the call of your name
since our home became a house
I can only curl up with your pillow
still faintly perfumed with your scent
and in the darkest hours of the night
I still listen
for the quiet sound of your heart

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