SJ (1991 / arizona)

This Tired Mind

I feel tired,
not the..........normal tired,
the sad kind of tired, wish. you.felt.wired,
but really you don't wish that,
because you are simply so.. tired.

i feel tired,
that..... uneasy kind of tired,
where you wish you were just a little more stable,
a little more ready for the big world thats out....... there,
a little more prepared,
a bit more aware,
but really........ you don't wish that,
because you are simply so tired.

But today,
i feel confused,
a little lost between my words,
not tapped into the normal me,
not experiencing who......i should be,
cant quite find that exact phrase,
that will keep me secure in all my ways,
that will saver this unique mind of mine,
put me on the right track,
so I'm not left behind.

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