This Too Shall Pass

this too shall pass,
don't ever despair,
but yes if it helps,
let your pen lay your feelings bare,
when the word seems dark
, and when the going is tough,
remember, just praying and meditating is enough,
he who sends us,
this sorrow and pain,
also has in store for us,
a big treasure, a big gain,
forget the times of hoplesness,
place your trust in Him,
light the lamps of hopefulness
, let their flames never dim,
our sorrows make us stronger,
our sufferings make us wise,
its God who is our teacher,
but just in another guise,
there will be another morning,
a beautiful brighter day,
His love will just encompass you
like a warm and golden ray.......

by Arti Chopra

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A lovely poem. Ashish.