JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Honor To Teachers

Tribute to teachers

What we would have been otherwise?
Only fools in this world and not wise
At least we can think reasonable due to knowledge
Even we remember contribution in old age

We had rebirth in this lovely land
Teacher taught us to be good and lovely friend
We were fighting at home and in school
Some ties were made to stand on stool

It was firm foundation laying
We were almost in school and most of the time staying
Teacher was all the time there and completely paying
Whole attention on our study, sports and with lovely saying

Parents were leaving us at the gate
We were scared when getting little late
It was strict discipline and imposed
We were to live up to the standards and supposed

We knew nothing what the world and its people were
He was almost with us to work hard and fare
There was no let up in our preparation
We were in perfectly aligned with relation

Even though sometimes we were scared but exactly not beaten
Warned of dire consequences in exams if not properly written
It was his unstinted support that drove us to conclusion
There was no room left at all for confusion

We were tuned into fine metal of gold
It was put into furnace and made solid and bold
It was complete purity that was to be put before world
There was not going to be any doubt when put for sale or sold

We were made such a fine blend
What were we as raw when made to bend?
Absolutely nothing of any worth or value
Why not today pay as respect which is really due?

We will miss his/her capacity in whole of the life
As life was made worth to walk on edge of the knife
If we were today known as great statesman or celebrity
The same was injected by him in us as great quality

Let us pray the due respect by making it remarkable
That it is his efforts that we are made capable
We should not remain ungrateful for according honor
It is never expected anytime nor asked for

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