(22/03/66 / Manchester)

This Whispering Is Over

This whispering is over & the secret texting
I can't play lip-sync with you forever
Not when it feels so cruel,
Not when it won't, bring me, closer to you.
Not when you make me burn, burn
Like a fire that needs evermore fuel,
Such loving harmonies can't be quietly defused.
Love, I am drowning in deep water - Shh!
"Those words I need not hear from you my dearest
Even now unspoken have opened my heart
My love, truly you possess & embody my soul
I do not visualize another world
Without your nearness"
Keep me warm, stay
Never shall we allow our desire to pass away.

I would rather, feel the cold than let you go,
You are the loving warmth I've always longed to know.
You are too precious to me
To be melting away like warmed snow,
Let our love come out into the open & join the ocean
I am tired of playing lip-sync with you forever
Our secret whispers in corners they're over
We both—need our orchestral music to be harmonized.
Let us unleash our love, openly
And let nothing now remain disguised.
Love, I am drowning in deep water - Shh!
Love fills my lungs with love, a kiss that'll never die
That'll buoyance my heart like a star in the sky.

My love, this I say, our thrilling rendezvous
Increase my oxytocin because of your touch
I know you know, O' how you look at me
Magically—plays an endless role in all this
Only you, yes you!
Entre my bloodstream in full submersion
Who-could-ever change my behaviour?
Make me coil & love like a serpent one lover.
That warmth that thrusts, the openness we share
Wants to share it out in the open air
Kiss me, kiss me, and kiss me
I am I am drowning in deep water
I am tired of playing lip-sync with you
Skin to skin, say no more my darling - Shh!

Duet poem By Elizabeth Ongpauco & Mark Andrew Heathcote

by Mark Heathcote

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