(1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

This Will Change Your Life

In the very day you seek Me with your whole heart,
THAT'S the day that I, the Lord God, will be found…
I took this challenge, receiving a new-heart profound.
In varied ways, Christ still walks the streets today...
One day, someday, you'll need him; 'come what may.'

Where are the role-models of gallantry and heroism...?
Wounded ones are everywhere, too disillusioned to care.
Lost ones, with faded dreams, are angry with a zombie stare.
Foundations of heroes are past; are we now losing our song-?
Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away sin 'all day long.'

TV news with tragedies all around, perhaps the bible is best found.
Believers are hurt by religious systems; some are now in isolation.
Warriors of the futurity, feel God's river revitalizing consolation?
As he was on the cross I know he bought my pardon, for liberty.
Unworthy, of mercy, still His blood of victory flows through me...

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