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This World

Now days it's every man for himself
People just left catching dust on a shelf

We're living in a world full of violence
All of the younger ones sitting in silence

So many people living out on the street
How do they survive when they can't even eat

Everyday little kids are disappearing
Weird sick people always interfering

A prostitute standing on the street corner
I can't help but feel sorry for her

Why are people bothered about growing older
When people are dying fighting as a soldier

Thugs are walking around with blood on their shirt
They don't even care about the people they hurt

They don't have what they want so they take someone elses
Why is everyone so goddamn selfish

Now everywhere, every girl and boy
Is playing with knives instead of toys

All the little kids in the world are screaming
Because now they've got nothing left to believe in

Everyday you hear of murder and rape
So now everyone's walking around full of hate

Women gettin beat by their drunken lovers
Hiding in fear under the covers

When you think of this world and what it's become
You've got to ask yourself, what have you done?

This world is not an awful place
The problem is the human race

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