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This World
AA (05.04.1980 / Mansehra)

This World

Poem By Aarif Ameen

This World

This is the world of bastards
We bastards, we live here!

We poor people of false dignity
We little people of rough status
We laugh at and laughed on
We bastards, we live like bastards

Where blood-shake is life
Feelings are nothing to do with
Pain we inherit here
We are treated less than them
Though beasts are not we
We bastards, we live with them!

One supposed to be devil
Thus he is so
We are fixed like him
We are weighted accordingly
We bastards, devil’s friends are we

Mind’s wisdom says
We can’t speak our mind
We are to speak silent
We are stopped though moving
We are not sleeping but our mind power

Often I wanted saying my surroundings
Seldom I spoken my heart
Frequently I told my feelings
This is the world of bastards
We bastards, we live constant

All that’s aside
However I think of you Doctor!
I think in a way you will read me
You are supposed to read me
So read me as I feel you

When I think of you
My passionate breathe stops
Such eyes go dim and open well
My nerves get slow and quiet
My heart starts sinking and soul calms
My blood jumps with joy and love
My feelings approaches their shores
I found myself beyond this world
In the world of pleasure and happiness
I am amused with the joy of thinking
Doctor! I feel myself
As I have a flight in air
Through your hairs
Your appearance surrounded me
I sense you walking along
Your presence’s feelings across me
An existence of your images, thoughts and light
I feel in me Doctor!
You just passed through my thoughts
Thinking you and think of you
Speaking you and speak at you
All this I have and have to do
It’s the greatest pleasure of my life

The music of evil hears me twice
The waterfall strikes its color on my listing
The sequence of my thoughts breaks here
The rhyme losses its timing
I see myself in my picture yet again
Again I hear the bastards’ whisperings
Nevertheless I supposed to say
This is the world of bastards

We bastards, we live here

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Comments (4)

i agree with Maryam Khan. seem like you are hating the whole world. did something bad happen around you? its a good poem, full of ideas but really long which is i lost my focus. keep writing!
revolting reflections...a write strongly expressive...bears the harsh tinge of truth inside...10
i really like the poem. and the thought/meaning behind it. the only thing that got me was the line 'This is the world of bastards, We bastards, we live here! ' i know that the situations all around the world are becomming worse day by day but according to me criticizing the whole world 4 it is also not a good thing! Anywayz nice job!
This one stunned me Beautifully written Arif 10+