This World Inside There Music

Poem By one man alone

As I search inside there words
and sit and write my own
inside a natural mystic
bob marley sets the tone

he wrote in search of peace
for a world that lived in war
he wrote lets live as one
and fight again no more

then we come to tupac
who was tormented by his rage
to the truth he added flow
on every single page

he talked of what he'd seen
like death was destiny
like six bullets in that car
was only meant to be

then I come to tracie
Miss chapman and those tracks
she talked about this crazy world
that once devided whites and blacks

she said whys a missile called a peace keeper
when there aimed to kill
but still they fall from the skys
inside this world we fill

you see they said the problems
that this world still shares today
PEACE is just one word
but will we ever find a way

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