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This World.

A field of buttercups as far as the eye can see,

Should I walk across them, They had done no harm to me.

I shall leave well alone; not destroy the scene,

Leave them for the next one for this is a sight to be seen.

Walk along the wooded floor with expectation in my eyes,

I shy at natures sweetness and her means for me to surprise,

Be it early in the morning or late into the night,

I see the goodness of the earth and it fills me with delight.

A waterfall cascading over the moss piled stones,

All filling me with energy as a bumble bee drones.

Flowers, Insects, birds and all of the wildlife around,

Make me want to wander over this earths blessed ground.

Mankind open your heart look closer at this your world,

See the fabulous beauty just for your eyes unfurled.

by Bernard Shaw

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