SL (December 17,1982 / nowherezville)


tired raps i wrote years ago inspire ears to close.
i stand to close to that which can cause fears to grow.

thats why they tell you when your young not to stare at the sun too often..
so my reflection was lost only to be a distant moment instantly i disownit.

pro-seeders proceed with caution cause love and lust are often seen as seasons of divinity..

knowing this is scratchn the surface..glimpsin devine purpose through distorted lenses

cursed when curses are im posed. but we all know this person is blessed so fuckit.

i can understand that i stand under to rize above it. to be it. to love it. currupted life.

i am cellular. birthd from anti-freedom in snakes clothing.. i am hell to her..

shes singing more inspiring tunes then moons reflecting energy..

in the end.. my friends never remember me..

so my head is always hung low..

high.. im 'skum' yo..

you may not have reconized myself in your self being.. dont trip..

im just being myself.
This Evening..

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