Thiss Dedicated To Nathans Dumb Azz! ! ! By Yamilex Ramos

.&& why so ignorant?
What exactly does love mean to you
Or should she say, meant?

She never known someone so fake
Someone who can't speak the truth
Someone so terribly insecure
Someone so cruel, someone like you

Why did you have to be like this
You started off quite fine
You would always say how much you care
I guess that was just another 'line'

She just sit around.&& remembers
Of how much she used to enjoy your name
.&& how she so loved
To play your little game

But now finally she knows
That you aren't at all what she thought
.&& its a shame too,
Because she freaking loved you too........Nathan! ! !

by Sharayna Eldridge

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