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Thngs I Heard (That Hurt My Brain)
AA (9.26.72 -? / new york city)

Thngs I Heard (That Hurt My Brain)

i am often
and stupefied
by what comes out
of a person's mouth
is it that they don't think
about what they say
or are they just dumb?

on a daily basis
i'm perplexed
'excuse me,
is this the back
of the line? '

it's the front
we're travelling
backwards in time

'why don't those people
stop selling drugs
and get real jobs? '

why don't you vote
for someone
who'll take your taxes
and provide equal
and adequate

'why don't you go back
where you came from? '

i guess i'll pitch a tent
in your backyard

'i can't believe
i pay fifty bucks
to fill my tank'

i can't believe
you think you need
an suv
in the city

'i think abortion
should be illegal'

i think
you should adopt
a crack addicted baby

'why do arabs
hate us so much? '

i can think
of a few reasons

i could go on
but all this
was in the space
of six hours
and my brain still hurts

sometimes i wonder
how we're not
all dead

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