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Thomas Campbell

He was a famous Glasgow poet and he lived and died in glory
And a World renowned author too perhaps you know his life story
He died in his late sixties in 1844 but his poems outlive the ages
And he lives as a poetic great in the literary history pages.

Thomas Campbell was his name he lives on in his writing
Some of his poems will never die his best I find delighting,
Lord Ullin's Daugther and Gertrude of Wyoming are just two of the many
Great poems that live on in his name and they are as good as any.

Of the great poems written in literature's golden age lines of his often quoted
And his great contribution to the poetic World by the literary critics noted
Good poetry as a wise person once said is written to give pleasure
And Thomas Campbell's name lives on as a poetic treasure.

In Glasgow he first saw light of day and with the best he's rated
And along with Scotland's greats Burns, Scott, Hogg and Stevenson his name is celebrated
And his poems are destined to live and lovers of poetry by them delighted
And for as long as poetry will live his best verse will be recited.

by Francis Duggan

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