(29 November 1799 – 4 March 1888 / Wolcutt, Connecticutt)

I Dreamed...

Mom, the peace already have in Vietnam.
I love the rivers of the South Vietnam.
I love the flowers 'Phu? o? ng Vi? ' on the dirty roads
and I wish the democracy for Vietnam.
For the poorest people are not suffering
and the yellow moon is illuminated on the rivers.
I love the poorest people
that live in the simple lives
with the faith loves
of the waits of husbands or wives

by Natasa Tocuc

Comments (4)

The brilliant writing- “Lo! mirrors here for you: Be true as these, if ye would be more wise.” //// the mirror and if you wise look at this mirror and find yourself
A fine tribute to Thoreau by Alcott. According to his (Alcott's) biography, Henry David Thoreau died on May 6,1862, likely from an illness he caught from Alcott two years earlier. Interesting...
After reading his life history, he might have been writing this about himself as well.
Absolutely brilliant! I am stunned and speechless by the sublime beauty of this poem!