Poem By Leeza Bird

Is it passion, is it fate?
or an obsession that wont abate?
Life fulfilled with a thorny tree
Would we impale self to the thorn sharpest?

Should we come with emotions and desires?
Should we give up because of struggles and conflicts?
Would we gain upon the pain?
Would we let the fear defeat?

Life is just once we can live
are we living or we just dying?
Pay our life to the lark out-sing?
or let love be unattainable?

We noticed forever we waited
For this moment we dont dare to join
We long for that greatest beauty
still surrender to the pain known to us....

We are weak, or strong enough?
to avoid the uplift of life...!
a haunting song, the blue sky...
above own agony we rise......

Or we just ignore perfectness
shape our life as a painful spine
there's no pain more bitter than a life
neglected by self and remains unlived.

March 16 2013.

Comments about Thornbird

Thank you Tiku, Im still learning :)
this is beautiful ink.we should take life positively and perform our karma.liked it.keep inking Leeza.

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