Thorny Leaders

Thorny Leaders

Hundredths of stitches on my skin,
Thousands of marks on my body,
Millions of insults descending on me,
Yet, the world can't let me be.

Wait, I saw him on those fraud records,
I saw another sucker jubilating joyfully,
I got so angry and mauled devil overly;
Because, I eat the whole world with a sword.

How bad is the slippery slope of my fate,
How bad is the sting of a scorpion by night,
How true is the world leaders and knights,
Here and there loiters pipe-like-necks as gents.

Around the four corners of the world;
Smells like the bathing soaps of the Egyptians,
When shall all these sharks on seats...
Cease to exist and worship the Israelites God.

[A salient prolific author...]
» 30/06/2017
> 01: 13AM


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