Those Closer Things

be gone,
I'm through.
I'm sorry but I need you,
as the friend you are,
as I were.
So miles are nothing really too far to spead my heart,
with every thought of you.
Did I mention I'm through.
So much change you could buy a yacht, but that would tire.
Emotions perspire.
Drip dropp yearnings.
Did I mention the burning,
just to see your eyes.
And I haven't met everyone yet that thickens the plot,
still nothing could speed up this time apart,
excites me
inside me
you really know how to define me,
don't mind me when it's all up in the air my friend.
Tears for the missing pieces you bring.

When I'm swinging like a porch monkey misery really can set it,
if I allow it,
How could I?
you've gotten so far in a labyrinth that really has no end.
Every lifetime I'd hunt for you.
Harden my skin against letting the others wanting to know where to begin.
that's how steep a wall.
did I tell you who i saw?
In dreams that piece together the seems.
It was just like Yellow Springs (OH)
remember those closer things?
days based on forgetting what most education brings.
The relation of glass and a landscape handsome.
You held me at ransom and asked for your naiviety back,
and I'm not to sorry to say,
I'm still here today,
shackled to the freedom,
you brought my way.
(on that day, it happens each and every way every day)

by Dava Makiah

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