(25th March 1943 / )

Those Creams

Clotted and sour, whipped and double,
All delicious when laid on the tongue,
One could find oneself in deep trouble,
It's hard, keeping the figure young.

They melt with so much pleasure,
When you deem to taste their charm,
And if you're sampling them at leisure,
They can do you a lot of harm.

Inches creep onto your waistline,
And without warning, before very long,
Your poor body becomes less divine,
And your willpower, becomes less strong.

The flavoured ones, they are so yummy,
Nutty mixtures, with chocolate and fudge,
But they're no good at all for your tummy,
And will not help those inches to budge.

Those creams call out, waiting to tempt you,
And so you really just have to resist,
You should try out the 'Weight Watchers' menu,
Now then girls, do you follow the gist?

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (3)

A very good point - send me all those bad chocolates, and I will assist in removing the temptation. Mmmm... -chuck
Smooth to the touch and sweet for the mind, a tasty treat, Ummm now what would be my favourite............................cola cubes or pink shrimps! Oh the mouth is watering now! Thankyou for this fun piece Love duncan X
Hmmmm....tasty..LOL! Very deliciously written!