Those Dreams

Green ice slipping through my fingers and a desert of thoughts separates us
Those words so simple yet I can’t seem to believe them
She doesn’t lie to me…
She can’t lie to me…
Mothers aren’t allowed to speak false words
Yet she does it with out even stopping to breath
I sat there in thought of those times
Those memories of how we would laugh at all the silly things
The past withering in my hollow mind
The future fading with time
My present state of being falling apart in my hands
Those words of what we could have had
That hate for her giving up
The way my brothers cried when they left that day
The way I stood there and let them leave me
The way she stopped by and said goodbye as if it were nothing
I thought it would all be okay
But, I forgot about how time destroys all things
The time destroyed those memories
Those thoughts of what we could have had
Those memories of whispering our hopes
The way we hated our dad
We were so close and now I can’t even feel their love
And those dreams of being a family well time made them fade too
And its time for me to let go
Cause those dreams … those dreams are now just memories of us whispering our hopes
Those words have become what I hold on to and all I can do is sit here and wish

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