Those Eyes.

Those eyes that make my blood pump.
Those eyes that make my heart thump.
Those eyes that build me up then break me down.
Those eyes I cannot look away from, whenever you’re around.
Those eyes that can only be described by feelings and emotion.
Those eyes have me under a spell with their magic potion.
Those eyes filled with passion to the very brim.
Those eyes, always on me, never on him.
Those eyes steal my voice, breath, and heart away.
Those eyes always make me say
I love you.
Those eyes that make me do things I never dreamt to do.
Those eyes that would kill me if you said we’re through.
Those eyes that twinkle those eyes that shine.
Those eyes that share a gaze, those eyes are mine.
Those eyes I stare into when I hold you near.
Close those eyes baby, don’t worry I’m here.

by Anthony Martello

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Comments (2)

Heated. This is intense. About that last line... nice composing!
thats whats up...right there....i loved it! reminds me of my 'angel' shes has these eyes like ive never seen before......the ending was AWESOME! ! ! did not expect it to end that way....very surprised....GREAT ending! ! ! Brian