Those Fields Of Cannon

The guns are now silent but the fields tell the story
Of our American heritage - that long march to glory
The valleys are now peaceful where the brave gave their all
To give birth to a nation and a meaning to their call

Lord, it's sad to me the price they paid for liberty
They shared your creed but here they followed a different need
And those fields were crimson red with the dying and the dead
Then with flags at half mast, we turned a page upon our past

But now at Gettysburg our flag and our hopes will fly high
Was a sacrifice for all but now memories make you cry
Those cannons are now a tribute - one nation under God
We'll carry our banner together - seek peace and spare the rod

Rest in our God's peace, Johnny Reb, my lad
This nation respects you for the task you had
And our hearts go out to that yank in blue
'Tis a better nation now - may God keep in true

Those acres of monuments are an awesome sight to see
The stories etched in stone bring tears with the history
It's a valley of forget-me-nots where that granite stands tall
Symbols of our yesteryears - a whispering voice don't let it fall

by Llewelyn Ellsworth Dahlen


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