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Those Happier Moments

With years following my footsteps...
I stood still hoping to stay in my past

Every moment I stood,
the cool fragnance of happiness flayed along

Tears rolling down to kiss my cheek,
I could visualise the child within myself...

Those dreams that were dreamt as a child having vanished
Remaining a child now seemed to be my dream...

Those innocent thoughts,
Those embracing warm hugs,
Those affectionate momemts
Finding its way difficult into my heart...
I stood still hoping to stay in my past.

Many days came along
Many moments stayed along
a Lot more years to come along

Ever would I love to hear
The sweet voice of my childhood

With my days of loneliness ahead
the voice of my yester years
wispering words onto my ears
Urging my shadows to follow my footsteps.

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