Those Lies

I've walked a thousand miles and cried a zillion tears throughout the years
But nothing in this world makes me feel the way you do
Every time I think of you somehow I tend to smile
When I lay down and close my eyes somehow your there in my dreams

Somehow you never leave my mind and I don't know why
I wake up and speak your name silently
I wonder if you think of me just a little bit

I wish you knew the way I felt about you
But I just do not have the courage to tell you
And I wonder where I went wrong
Because now it seems like you do not even want to talk to me

A few months back you told me not to give up on you
Here I am not giving up on you, waiting and wondering my life away
Somehow you are the only one I think about every day and night

I shake your name from my mind then it comes back in a blink of an eye
Wishing that you never came into my life
I only wonder why I believed those lies you told me
They sounded so good and they drugged me under like a hurricane

If only I had warning I would have never fallen
Now here I am sitting all alone and doing my best to forget about you
Because I'm sure that you have forgotten about me

After all I guess you could do a lot better than me
But what are you gonna do when things do not work out the way you plan
I know one thing you better not come crawling back to me
Don't tell me all those lies that I once believed

You wrapped me up in the those lies and then let left me to cry and wonder why
Those tears were a waste of time and next time I'll be prepared I won't believe anything you say again
Here I am finally giving up on you and moving on with my life, I've learned a lot along the way but now is the time I let you go and say goodbye for good


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