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RG ( / Tampa, FL)

Those Poet Rhymes

Solemnly I carry on
Baggage laid from day to day,
And fro dawn to dawn.
Across winter’s cold as ice
And fall’s cracking leaves of golden brown
I wonder tales of men and mice
And bridges crossed with a glory sound

Slowly turning hands of time
Escape my grasp like those grains of sand
That echoed through the poet’s rhyme,
And left our world so pale and bland.
Awake at once, the trumpet declares
A sword to cut, harsh words to tear

Truth yet unspoken, but known
Fears cast aside, and glory shown
To see without the plank in mine eye
To walk without the bane of affection
Would be to live not but a lie
And to stride into battle without protection.


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Great little poem you have here, Ryan. Enjoyed the read. The rhymes work well, and your discriptions were excellent. Nice work. *10* -Rick