Best Friends

you're funny and amazing
you're nice and daring
you're also fun to be around
there is something so special about you
you made me smile once i saw you
you made me cry once you cried
if i want to write a song
about the best there is
in your beautiful soul
it will be a never-ending story
allow me to say this my dear friend
but honestly everytime i feel lonely
i expect a call from you
to lift me up
because your magical words
and your sense of humor
make my fear of lonliness
fade away
sorry for hurting you
with words or actions
though i never meant to hurt you
and sorry for being unable to regain your smile
when you were sad
and miserable about
this short life's problems
but i want you to remember
reality bites
so cheer up
and expect anything from this life
it might make you happy
and it might as well
let you down
last but not least
thank you for being a friend
and the sister i never had.

by Zubaida Boland

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Sweet down to earth poem! I am reading all the other Burns poets on this site.