Those Salivaless Kisses

Poem By Vera Burns

Those Salivaless Kisses are no good you should know
It takes a little moisture to make anything grow
I do not like those kisses that are just a little peck
It doesn't do any more good than a hug around the neck
This is the nineties and things have really changed
And you must get with it if you are going to remain
Stop giving those dry kisses they are just not in
Try giving a little moisture it is not called a sin
I ask would you eat a piece of pie if it was all dry?
And when you cry you must have a tear in your eye
You have to have some moisture to cultivate a seed
And all those salivaless kisses I do not think I need.
I will have to admit that some people go way too far
It isn't like you were just drinking water from a jar.
So now you can let out those kisses gently on my moist lip
You're not drinking from a jar you are just taking a sip.

Comments about Those Salivaless Kisses

Sweet down to earth poem! I am reading all the other Burns poets on this site.

4,8 out of 5
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