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Farmer 10 - How Can We Help The Farmers? Just Think!

Heavily burdened with debts,
Hands to mouth existence
Hardly anything to look forward,
Harassed by life beyond endurance!
How can we help the farmers?
Just think!

An Octogenarian farmer,
Pathan Mehboobkhan from Beed,
Promised a loan waiver by the State,
Alas! Waits and waits -holding his certificate!
How can we help this poor farmer?
Just think!

After stringent eligibility criteria,
After identifying beneficiaries of the loan waiver,
After lengthy verification process by the State Government,
At last, Loan waiver declared for over eight lakh farmers.
What was the Certificate ceremony all about?
What happened to the promises? Just think!

The aged farmer Pathan and his wife Lakhatbi are
Terrified of the life's ongoing drudgery and misery,
They have lost their cotton crop to the bollworm pest,
That swept the Marathwada and Vidharba areas, of late.
Lakhatbi has sold her bangles and works as farm hand now.
How can we help these senior farmers? Just think!

Pathan and Lakhatbi continue to struggle
To make both ends meet.
They live in a tiny hut lined with dried sheaves of Jowar,
They have no furniture except a small charpoy,
Pathan's prized possession is his loan waiver certificate.
How can we help this innocent farmer. Just think!

The plight of the farmers in Maharashtra,
In the Beed district, hit by hailstorms
Is pathetic, with sunken eyes and pinched look!
Should we not make haste to redress their grievances?
Can they wait for months and months to get help?
How can we help these senior farmers? Just think!

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Sweet down to earth poem! I am reading all the other Burns poets on this site.